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Nation Territory Since 1990.

Legal Articles


The following articles were previously published in NALSC newsletters. It is important to remember there may be changes in law, legislation or policy since the articles were written and published.


Aboriginal Law

Ipperwash Report: Summary (2007)

Kinship and Sheltering Rights(Meshake Case) (2007)

What to Do When an MNR Officer Approaches You (2005)


Criminal Law

Court Finds Firearm Licensing Fee Unconstitutional (2004)

Pardon Me! (2004)

Don't get Stranded: Returning the Accused to the Community (2005)

Beware of Scams (2005)

Fraud Alert! Protect your Identity (2005)

Know Your Rights! Speak to Duty Counsel (2005)

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (2005)

Bail (2006)

What Sureties Need to Know (2005)

Domestic Violence: Spousal Abuse (2006)

Youth Records and Youth Justice (2006)

What is a Gladue Court? (2006)

A Court of Our Own: More on Gladue Courts (2006)

What is the Special Investigations Unit (2006)

Changes to the Canadian Fireams Program (2006)

Investigation into the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board Yields Report (2007)

Victim/Witnesses of Crime: The Criminal Injury Compensation Board Process (2008)

Victim Impact Statements (2008)


Family Law

Addressing Matrimonial Property on Reserve (2006)

The Current Status of On-Reserve Matrimonial Real Property (2006)

Child Support for Children Over the Age of Majority

Confidentiality (2005)

Culturally Appropriate Mediation (2008)

Talking Together: An Alternative Approach to the Mainstream Adversarial Child Welfare System (2008)

Fact Sheet: Changes to the Child and Family Services Act (2007)

Elder Abuse in Canada (2007)

Domestic Violence: Spousal Abuse (2006)

Developing a Safety Plan (2007)


Residential Schools

Residential School Claims: A National Class Action (2005)

Residential Schools: A Law Firm's View (2006)

Final Settlement Agreement (2006)

Early Advance Payment (2006)

The Independent Assessment Process (2007)

Residential School Update (2007)

Indian Residential School Settlement Update (Fall 2007)

Indian Residential School Update: Clearing Up the Rumours (2008)

Update on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (2008)


Wills and Estates

Continuing Power of Attorney for Property for On-Reserve Residents (2005)

Estate of a Deceased Indian (2006)



About the Office of the Chief Coroner/Inquests (2004)

Application for Birth Registration/Birth Certificates (2004)

Contingency Fee Arrangements: What are They and What Do They Mean to You? (2005)

Collection Agencies and You (2006)