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Serving the Nishnawbe Aski
Nation Territory Since 1990.

Objectives & Services


VWL Objectives

We strive to ensure that all members of the NAN communities are aware of their rights. Victim Witness Liaisons (VWLs) aim to protect individuals from further victimization by assisting victims and witnesses in and outside the court room.  VWLs ensure the client's immediate safety concerns are addressed - such as:

    • Finding a safe place
    • Determining what resources are in the community
    • Making sure children involved are taken care of and safe
    • Contacting the local police department

Our Victim Witness Liaisons also ensure that our clients are informed of all relevant facts to their case and that victims are made aware of and supported through restorative justice processes available at NALSC.


VWL Services

Victim Witness Liaisons provide a variety of services for all members of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation territory - regardless of age, gender, sexual preference or ability. Services include:

    • Assistance in completing legal documents and other forms i.e. Victim Impact Statements (VIS), Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) application forms.
    • Helping the victims and witnesses understand the court process.
    • Obtaining the necessary information in regards to cases, CICB requested documents, whereabouts of offender, the resources available to victims and witnesses, etc.
    • Supporting victims and witnesses by liaising with Crown Attorneys, Chief and Council, families and service providers in the community, etc.
    • Making referrals to appropriate services and agencies.